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Jacque Vaughn, Brian Shaw Among Finalists For Orlando Magic Head Coach

The Orlando Magic have decided to move on from Dwight Howard and back to their lack of a head coach, which means that a list of finalists has finally emerged. While Quin Snyder was once considered to be a possibility in Orlando (along with the Charlotte Bobcats), the former Missouri coach is now gone. Instead, a new list of five candidates is out with Jacque Vaughn as one of the possibilities.

Vaughn is a former point guard for the Kansas Jayhawks who has served as an active player as recently as 2009. Then with the San Antonio Spurs, Vaughn traded his uniform for a clipboard and became an assistant coach. If he were able to land a head coaching position so quickly, it would truly be a surprise and even his inclusion here is a nod to how promising his future stock must be.

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