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Indictments Handed Down In Lawrence Drug Investigation

35 indictments have been handed down in a large-scale federal investigation into marijuana dealing in Lawrence, Kansas that had a tenuous connection to the Kansas basketball team.

Several Jayhawks players on the 2010-2011 team were reportedly customers of a group that distributed $17 million dollars worth of "high-grade marijuana" throughout the area.

It's obviously not the type of publicity Bill Self would like to have, but it doesn't appear to be nearly as serious as the situation involving members of the TCU football team who were dealing to large portions of their campus.

Marijuana is fairly common, to say the least, on college campuses so the fact that a Kansas basketball player purchased recreational drugs isn't exactly shocking. Unless further developments arise, it doesn't seem like these arrests will have any effect on the program.

If there's any lesson to be learned here, it's that high-profile athletes probably should have their friends purchase their drugs for them.