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Kansas C Jeff Withey May Skip Adidas Nations Camp To Go On European Vacation

Kansas Jayhawks center Jeff Withey had been invited to a trio of exclusive NBA camps this summer, but he may be turning down the Adidas Nations camp in early August to do the in-demand-college-athlete version of "tool around Europe for the summer."

Gary Bedore of reports that Withey, who has already attended camps put on by Amare Stoudemire and LeBron James, may be unable to attend the Adidas camp in Orange County, Calif., due to a planned Jayhawks trip to Switzerland and Paris.

Withey participated in both drill sessions and pick-up games at the Stoudemire and James camps and says he's learned a lot from the experience.

"I went against Tony Mitchell from North Texas and Mason Plumlee from Duke a lot," Withey said of the centers. "Both (camps) were beneficial for my development. Amar'e was more drills. LeBron was more going up and down playing. Both of them together I feel was a complete camp."

Withey, as reported recently in the Journal-World, has been working on his outside shot.

"One thing I got out of it," he said of the James camp, "was my 15-foot jumper. I've been practicing that. I was able to apply that to the scrimmages, and I felt pretty comfortable with it."

Regardless of what Withey decides to do regarding the Adidas camp, he will have had a very memorable summer.

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