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Kansas Jayhawks Call About Penn State Defensive Tackle

Charlie Weis mentioned during the recent Big 12 Media Days that he was not averse to checking in on Penn State's football players now that they are able to transfer and play immediately without penalty due to the recent punishment doled out by the NCAA. Apparently the Kansas coache was serious, since it's been reported that the Jayhawks checked in on a sophomore defensive tackle hoping to woo him away. Unfortunately for Kansas fans, he's determined to stay through the drama.

Frank Bodani of the York Daily Record writes, "One of those hanging on for sure is Central High graduate Kyle Baublitz, a redshirt sophomore defensive tackle. Baublitz posted a message on his Facebook page outlining his decision to remain at Penn State despite the upcoming four-year bowl ban and scholarship cuts that some experts say will transform the Lions into virtually a Division I-Football Championship Series team like Youngstown State in a few years."

Kansas was just one of several schools on record checking on Baublitz. Baylor, Boston College, Cincinnati and Houston were also doing their homework.