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Dezmon Briscoe Talks About Getting Released By Buccaneers

Former Kansas Jayhawks star Dezmon Briscoe has had a rough week in the NFL after his recent release from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now with the Washington Redskins, Briscoe says he had a rough time of it this year with the coaching changes in Tampa.

Briscoe caught some slack because he missed some voluntary workouts earlier this offseason. In the new team environment that Greg Schiano is establishing, it was apparently enough to send him packing.

"I always want to be around my team, but the situation I had back at the house, I felt was more important," Briscoe explained. "I made the mandatory (workouts). I missed a couple of voluntaries. It's tough, especially coming off the season I did have. I felt I had good security, but things happen.

"The (new) coaching staff pretty much hand-picked their guys," Briscoe continued. "With the disciplined program they run down there and me not showing up to voluntary workouts, that made a big difference. The conditioning test, not everyone passed. It stuck out with me not passing because I wasn't there in the offseason training. They made it seem like I'm out of condition, which I'm not."

Now the leading receiver all time for KU is focused on the opportunity he now has as a member of the Washington Redskins, the team that recently picked up the free agent wide receiver.

"There's not many big guys," Briscoe said. "Usually it's speedier, craftier, route-running guys here. Every time you get released from a team, you always got to start over and prove yourself. I just have to take advantage of the opportunity now."

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