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Charlie Weis Says Kansas, Notre Dame Jobs 'Are The Same'

The Jayhawks new football coach downplayed concerns about his transition to a less high-profile job in a press conference earlier in the week.

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In his time in South Bend, former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis was never shy about sharing his hot sports opinions with the media.

Nothing has changed in Lawrence, as Weis surely ruffled some feathers at a press conference when he compared his last two head coaching jobs:

To me, the job is the same. I mean, OK, Notre Dame has a big, national fan base down there, but what does that mean? Fans are fans; alumni is alumni. It's still the same to work as hard as we can collectively both as a coaching staff and players to try to get this right as fast as we can. That's why I'm here. Now it's time to go to work."

In a strictly Platonic sense, Weis is right that the Kansas and Notre Dame jobs are similar: both involve coaching "student-athletes" to play Division I football.

Jayhawks fans will just have to hope Weis can do the job better his second time around.

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