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Kansas Football 2012: Tim Grunhard Looks For Heart Along Offensive Line

Tim Grunhard is making sure that the Kansas O-Line is tough going into 2012.

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When Charlie Weis decided that former Kansas City Chiefs lineman Tim Grunhard would be brought in to coach his offensive line for the Kansas Jayhawks, he brought in some instant toughness. Already, Grunhard has gotten to work preaching that toughness and the need for 'heart' toward the young linemen that Kansas have put together:

"We can talk about hand placement and head placement and how we’re going to take our steps, you know, little fundamentals and techniques, and I could tell you all kinds of great jargon, and I could make up all kinds of terms, and I can wow you with all kinds of different stories about how to do things, but offensive-line play comes down to one thing: You’ve got to be a tough (S.O.B.). Simple as that. Right? Isn’t it? You tell me?"

Grunhard has put in plenty of work with the team already -- pledging to keep the O-Line depth chart moving for classroom work as well as football work and pushing the team by forcing them to do 200 pushups for mistakes in the weight room are just a few of his new additions to the regiments. KU's football team might not be world beaters going into 2012, but Grunhard is making sure that they're gonna be tough.

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