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Charlie Weis Admits 'Illusions Of Grandeur' For Kansas Jayhawks Success

Charlie Weis sounds quite ready for the 2012 college football season ahead for the Kansas Jayhawks and this renewed sense of confidence has a lot of people excited to see whether the former New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs coordinator can make good on his reputation in Lawrence.

While Weis has his doubters given his lackluster track record in Notre Dame and recent season with the Florida Gators, Weis has high expectations for himself and his program.

"You always have to start with wins and losses," said Weis at a recent press conference. "Did you win all the games you were supposed to win? Did you win some of the games you weren't supposed to win? You don't put a number on what that is. I can tell you, if you look at it, you won two last year. The fans will say, `well if you win four, that's great improvement.' You have to beat somebody in the conference and then you had to win all your non-conference games to get to four.

"As a coach, you can't be thinking like that. What coach in their right mind would be thinking, what if we can just win four games? If so, then you hired the wrong coach. I might have illusions of grandeur, but my expectations are way higher than yours are, I can promise you, because that is what they are supposed to be. That is what they are paying me for."

The Kansas Jayhawks kicked off practice this week to prepare for the 2012 season.

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