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Kansas Football: Tight End Mike Ragone Healthy, Ready To Impact Jayhawks

Charlie Weis has brought in a number of new transfer players to Kansas' football program this spring, and a major addition comes at tight end with Mike Ragone. The former Notre Dame tight end brings a wealth of experience and a passion to make a major difference in his final college season to help Kansas move forward from a disastrous season in 2011.

"Mike is a legend in his own mind," said Weis at the preseason press conference. "He'll be a great interview; you guys will love Mike. I think Mike is a hungry young man. He knows this is his last shot. He has had a very unfortunate career, because every time he has gotten in position to be in contention, he got injured. Knock on wood, that that's not the case (this time).

"I think that Mike could be one of the people that help us as much as anyone on offense as long as he stays healthy. And right now, he's as healthy as he has been in a long time. But he will be a good interview I promise you. I dread reading the follow-up on that one, by the way."

Ragone was on the Notre Dame roster for five seasons, but lost two of those due to knee injuries.

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