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Kansas Misses Out On Penn State Linebacker Khairi Fortt

The fallout at Penn State is only going to continue. As many players as there have been who have declared they are going to stay in the midst of all of the turmoil and drama surrounding the child sex abuse scandal and Jerry Sandusky, there are going to be many others to leave, and college coaches are licking their lips at the chances to gain new talent. Khairi Fortt was one such player as a linebacker on the verge of leaving, but it's clear now Charlie Weis and Kansas have missed out as Fortt reportedly chose Cal instead.

"I wasn't happy with my situation at Penn State. It has nothing to do with the coaches there now," he said. "I had to make a change for myself. There were on-the-field issues, also off-the-field. Me and my family came to the consensus this was the best."

Fortt said that 36 schools contacted him out of interest after the Penn State sanctions dropped.

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