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Kansas Football Preseason: Secondary Looks Good In Coach's Eyes

The Kansas Jayhawks have a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball if they are going to make any waves in the ultra-competitive Big 12. However, Charlie Weis has brought in a lot of new players, changed coaches and schemes and there's more confidence than there should be for a team with so few wins to speak of in the last few years.

As the team is practicing now for the fall opener, assistant coaches say they are feeling good about their units, including the all-important secondary for the Jayhawks.

"In the secondary we obviously feel good about our first four guys," said Clint Bowen. "They all have experience. Bradley (McDougald), Lubbock (Smith), Greg Brown and Tyler Patmon all have experience. We really feel good about the first team. We want to create that competition to see who can get into the two-deep out of the young guys and we're giving them a lot of opportunities.

"They're getting in there and getting their reps and as things keep progressing we're going to find out as quickly as we can, how good is Tyree Williams? Greg Allen? Tevin Shaw? Where can they fit in there? We had a chance to see the other guys in the spring time so we're just working at getting us all at two-deep."

Kansas opens the season against South Dakota State on September 1.

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