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Kansas basketball target Noah Vonleh jumps to class of 2013

Noah Vonleh, a target for the University of Kansas basketball team, has moved from the class of 2014 to the class of 2013.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Power forward Noah Vonleh, a consensus top-five prospect being recruited for the class of 2014 by several top college basketball programs, has switched to become a member of the class of 2013 instead. His skills are still going to be highly coveted even with the swap in class, he was originally ranked No. 4 in his class and has only moved down to No. 7 since going forward a year.

Vonleh was able to shift his classification because his academic record was far enough along to allow him to be a high school senior. He attends New Hampton School in New Hampshire.

A lot of top tier college basketball programs have had Vonleh on their radars for quite a while now, and that number probably won't go down now that he'll be on the court for whichever school he chooses a year earlier than was expected. Along with the Kansas Jayhawks program, the athletic 6'8 power forward has also been targeted by other big-name schools like Indiana and North Carolina.