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Kansas State Vs. Texas Tech TV Schedule, Radio Info And More

Bill Snyder's name is on the stadium for a reason - two years after returning to salvage his former program from the Ron Prince "era," the Wildcats are undefeated, riding two close wins over Baylor and Missouri for K State's first 5-0 start since 2000. Now KSU will visit Lubbock, where Snyder said the fast pace of the Red Raider offense isn't something that's unique to Texas Tech anymore:

"Our preparation two weeks ago helps us for a little bit on this game. Probably the thing in addition to people being spread out all over the place – that is not unique in college football – but you know, the tempo with which so many teams play now. When we played Baylor, we played a fast football team. We played Missouri, we played a fast – by fast, I am talking about the tempo, how quickly they get lined up, call plays and snap the ball. This will be the fastest tempo we have played against. The previous couple of weeks have been beneficial as we prepare to get lined up, get the calls in, and understand what we are doing before the snap of the ball."

Game date, time: Saturday, October 15, 6pm CT

Location: Jones AT&T Stadium, Lubbock, Texas


Radio: 810 AM, complete list here.

Streaming: none

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