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BCS Standings: Kansas State Controls Own Destiny

A lot of pieces would have to fall into place, but Kansas State has a chance to play for the BCS Championship if the Wildcats win out for the rest of the season.

For all the undefeated FBS teams across the country--LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma, Boise State, Wisconsin, Clemson, Stanford--there is one that is being talked about considerably less than the others. That team is Kansas State (6-0), currently sitting at the #11 spot in the BCS standings. Two one-loss teams--Oregon and Arkansas--make up the ninth and tenth spots in front of the Wildcats.

Despite the 114th best passing offense in the nation, the Wildcats continued their winning ways over the weekend with a 41-34 win over Texas Tech. Five of Kansas State's six wins have been decided by a touchdown or less, but "a win is a win," as they say.

The Tigers have been propelled by a strong defense and a rushing attack that is led by quarterback Collin Klein (578 yards, 10 touchdowns) and 5-7 running back John Hubert (5.2 yards per carry). 

Looking forward--as crazy as it sounds--Kansas State may control its own destiny when it comes to the BCS. After next weekend's bout with Kansas, the Wildcats play four straight touch conference match-ups with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, and Texas. Now I'll be the first to admit, I don't think Kansas State will win all of these games. But if they do somehow manage to, plus snag a conference championship win, I have no doubt that the Wildcat schedule will shoot them upward over most of the teams they trail. Boise State's weak schedule will hurt them, as it always does. A team like Wisconsin--even if manages to stay unbeaten in the Big Ten--also does not play a strong enough schedule. In the mean-time, either Alabama or LSU is going to lose when they play each other in November.

So it may be a long shot, but when all the smoke clears at the end of the regular season, Kansas State could find itself in the BCS Championship.