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BCS Projections: Kansas State Now At No. 8, Wildcats Stand In Way For No. 3 Oklahoma State

The Kansas State Wildcats may have a hard time moving up in the various college football polls that come out each week (coming in at No. 12 in the USA Today poll released today, for example), but they’re moving up in the one place that matters most — the BCS standings. The latest round of BCS Projections have K-State sitting at No. 8 overall and it’s clear that if they can win out in the Big 12, big things will be in store for the Wildcats.

Of course, they stand in the way of Oklahoma State from saying the same thing, which makes their big match-up this Saturday all the more compelling. Currently, Oklahoma State sits at No. 3 and have BCS Bowl aspirations of their own. If anything, this weekend will make one of the two teams involved look very compelling on the national scene. If Kansas State wins, however, it might be considered the greatest coaching job in Bill Snyder’s storied history.