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BCS Bowl Projection: Oklahoma State Could Be Headed To Fiesta Bowl Match-Up Against Boise State

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are currently sitting at the No. 3 spot in the BCS standings and that puts them in an enviable position relative to everyone else. Since LSU and Alabama must face each other before any final bowl game, it’s clear that OSU can really make its position felt in the national title scene. To that end, SB Nation’s own Samuel Chi has the Cowboys heading to the Fiesta Bowl against Boise State.

Chi writes, “The Cowboys won’t go the rest of the way unbeaten, but they should win the Big 12 to earn the automatic bid. Boise State returns to the Fiesta Bowl for a third time, but – also for the third time – despite its undefeated record, it won’t be playing for the BCS title.”

That’s a lack of belief and respect toward the Cowboys that i don’t quite understand. Their schedule is tough these next few games, but the Cowboys are ranked where they are for a reason. There’s no reason that Oklahoma State can’t be included in the national title scene.