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Oklahoma State Cowboys In Control Of Own Destiny For BCS National Championship

Brandon Weeden and company are in control of their own destiny. No one can stand in their way. As long as the Oklahoma State Cowboys win out, they will be playing for the national championship. In other words, they’re in the exact position that any team would want to be in heading into the stretch run of conference play.

Several teams have to hope that certain teams win or lose. Others have to hope for favor from various ranking systems and polls. But the Cowboys no longer have to worry about any of that since they’re already favored by many and enjoy the No. 3 ranking in the current BCS system.

The biggest obstacle in front of Oklahoma State is the degree of competition ahead. They face an undefeated Kansas State team this week and encounter Oklahoma at season’s end. It’s hardly a cakewalk from here to there. But the important thing — in fact, the most important thing — is that they’re in charge of their own destiny. Play better than the next four opponents and all eyes of the nation will be on the Cowboys playing for what every college football player dreams of: a national championship.