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Michael Beasley Lawsuit Reveals Improper Benefits Allegation While At Kansas State

Included in Michael Beasley's lawsuit against his former agent is an allegation that he received improper benefits during his lone season playing for Kansas State.

A civil suit filed by Michael Beasley against agent Joel Bell reveals that Beasley was the recipient of improper benefits while playing basketball for Kansas State. Bell is suing Beasley for failure to pay commissions that were owed to him while he was his agent. Beasley's countersuit alleges that Bell bankrolled a summer AAU program headed up by Curtis Malone in exchange for Malone's steering Beasley to Bell after he left Kansas State to enter the NBA draft. 

Beasley also contends that Bell made payments to his mother Fatima Smith who describes Malone as a "runner" for Bell in a sticky situation that has become routine in the summer basketball circuit. The allegations state that Bell paid rent and car payment for Smith during Beasley's freshman season at Kansas State. 

Shortly afterward, according to the suit, Bell called Smith and asked her the amount of her rent and her car payment and told her that both payments would be taken care of. Smith said they were paid for, and that she never made a rent or car payment during Beasley's entire freshman year as a player for Kansas State during the 2007-08 season, the suit says.

No statements regarding the allegations have been released by Kansas State as of yet.