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Bowl Projections, Week 12: Kansas State To Cotton Bowl, Missouri To Holiday Bowl

Kansas State is expected to head to the Cotton Bowl as the third place team from the Big 12. Missouri still needs one more win to become bowl eligible, but it is likely they will get to the six wins.

The college football season is winding down and the projections of where teams will go to for a bowl game are becoming more clear. The Kansas St. Wildcats have moved up the bowl order and are now being projected for the Cotton Bowl. Kansas State had faltered after their 7-0 start by losing back-to-back games against Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, but Saturday's win over Texas A&M solidified Kansas State finishing third in the Big 12. With both Oklahoma schools projected to a BCS bowl game the Cotton Bowl is the best possible bowl for Kansas State.

The Missouri Tigers are sitting at 5-5 and are now likely to be going to a bowl game thanks to their 17-5 upset win over the Texas Longhorns. Last week, Missouri was projected in the Pin Stripe Bowl, but this week they moved up the Big 12 bowl order and should be headed to San Diego in the Holiday Bowl against a Pac-12 school.

Here are the latest bowl projections:

Cotton Bowl, Jan. 6, 2012
Kansas State vs. Georgia

Holiday Bowl Dec. 28, 2011
Missouri vs. Washington

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