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Kansas State Tops Texas Longhorns Despite Collin Klein's Worst Game Of Season

Collin Klein had his worst game of the year. The Kansas State Wildcats won anyway on Saturday night, beating the Texas Longhorns 17-13. The Longhorns offense still looked pathetic for a second week and the Kansas State defense helped to keep the Wildcats on top for another gritty win to take K-State to 9-2 on the year.

After a week of talking about Klein as a Heisman candidate next year, Klein went 9 of 17 for 83 yards and 1 touchdown, a 16 yard pass to Chris Harper in the second quarter. Klein added another touchdown run in the third quarter to provide most of K-State’s offense.

The Texas Longhorns replaced Daniel Ash with Case McCoy in the third quarter the Texas offense gained a spark when they were trailing 17-3 and McCoy was able to get Texas back in the game on a touchdown drive and trail 17-10.

Texas had the only substantial drive in the fourth quarter when McCoy drove Texas 78 yards, but the Kansas State defense came up big to stop Texas at the 9-yard line and held Texas to a 26-yard field goal. Texas had one last chance a they had the ball last, but they came up short at midfield.