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College Football Rankings: LSU, Alabama, Arkansas Sit Atop AP Top 25

The SEC is the opposite of the Big 12 in 2011. On one side, the SEC features the most elite teams in the country while it also has several teams that couldn't beat their way out of Conference USA. The Big 12, on the other hand, fails to have any dominant teams that can run the table. Thus, the Big 12 has played its way out of the top of the college football rankings while the SEC holds the top three spots. Yep, the top three.

LSU, Alabama and Arkansas hold the top three spots in this week's AP Top 25 and it's not surprising considering just how dominant each team has looked to this point. It's clear that the teams hold respect with the national media while other one-loss teams are left wondering why they are overlooked. At the very least, Oklahoma State is still treading water near the top for the Big 12's sake.

The complete AP Top 25:
2. Alabama
3. Arkansas
4. Stanford
5. Oklahoma State
6. Virginia Tech
7. Boise State
8. Houston
9. Oregon
10. USC
11. Michigan State
12. Oklahoma
13. Georgia
14. South Carolina
15. Wisconsin
16. Kansas State
17. Michigan
18. Clemson
19. TCU
20. Penn State
21. Baylor
22. Nebraska
23. Notre Dame
24. Virginia
25. Georgia Tech