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Big 12 Football By The Numbers: Oklahoma State Still In Position For BCS Championship

The Big 12 has three teams in the top 15 and five in the Top 25 in the latest BCS standings headed by Oklahoma State, which is now second behind top-ranked LSU.

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For the better part of the last decade, the Big 12 has well lived up to its national reputation as an offense-first conference. In fact, the conference may be having its best offensive year yet with five of its 10 teams (Baylor, 2; Oklahoma State, 3; Oklahoma, 4; Texas A&M, 6 and Missouri, 10) ranked in the top ten in the country in offensive production. Seven Big 12 teams are in the top 40.

Wendell Barnhouse, who writes for the Big 12, has come up with some interesting numbers to further evidence the kind of offensive explosions that have been fairly commonplace in the conference in the 2011 season. We have seen the following one-sided in-game scoring spurts this year: Texas 35-0 (vs. Texas Tech); Oklahoma 28-0 (vs. Texas A&M), 44-0 (vs. Kansas State), 28-0 (vs. Texas), 28-0 (vs. Missouri) and 23-0 (vs. Kansas); Iowa State 21-0 (vs. Texas Tech); Oklahoma State 42-0 (vs. Baylor), 27-0 (vs. Texas A&M); Texas 43-0 (vs. Kansas), 34-0 (vs. Iowa State); Texas Tech 24-0 (vs. Oklahoma), 24-0 (vs. Kansas); Kansas State 31-0 (vs. Kansas); Missouri 24-0 (vs. Iowa State); Baylor 21-0 (vs. Iowa State).

Here are some noteworthy numbers from the weekend's Big 12 games:

5 - Record number of home games thus far this season at which Iowa State has drawn attendance exceeding 50,000.

13 - The lowest point total a Kansas defense has held an opponent to since 2007. That wasn't enough, however, as the Jayhawks lost theirs game Saturday with Iowa State, 13-10.

19 - Freshman Texas running back celebrated his 19th birthday on Saturday, rushing for a career-high 191 yards on 29 carries vs. Texas Tech.

22-38-231 - The passing totals for Kansas State quarterback Colin Klein vs. Oklahoma State, all career highs.

43 - Points by which Missouri has been outscored (43-0) in the third quarter in its four conference losses.

63 - Number of passing attempts by Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill vs. Oklahoma, a career high. He completed 32 of them, with three interceptions.

87 - Points by which Texas Tech has been outscored since holding a 31-7 lead several weeks ago against Oklahoma.

108 - Scoring margin for Oklahoma vs. its opponents in the third quarter this season (118-10).

180 - Baylor running back Terrance Ganaway ran for 186 yards against Missouri this past weekend, the second consecutive week he has rushed for over 180 yards, only the second player in school history to rush for that many yards in more than one game.

502 - Yards passing by Oklahoma State's 28-year-old quarterback Brandon Weeden vs. Kansas State, a school record. Weeden had set the previous high mark (438) earlier this season.

4,586 - Total pass receiving yards in wide-receiver Ryan Broyles' brilliant four-year career at Oklahoma, an all-time NCAA record. Broyles suffered a season-ending knee injury vs. Texas A&M on Saturday.

58,895 - Record-setting attendance at Oklahoma State's Boone Pickens Stadium for the primetime TV game Saturday night vs. Kansas State.

85,709 - Paid attendance at Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium for the Sooners' game over the weekend vs. Texas A&M, a single-game record.