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West Virginia, Kansas State May Be Forced To Play Three Times Next Basketball Season

This is the issues that arise with the massive amount of conference shifts. West Virginia's men's basketball team starts a series this year with the Kansas State Wildcats that includes a home and home guarantee, yet clearly with the addition of the Mountaineers to the Big 12, that schedule is going to change. Or is it? ESPN's Andy Katz believes the two schools may just play that additional time despite the oddity of three games against an opponent in one season:

Kansas State and West Virginia started a home-and-home series this season with the first game a double-overtime thriller on a neutral court in Wichita. But what happens to the return game if the Mountaineers leave the Big East for the Big 12 next season? Kansas State coach Frank Martin said he has talked to West Virginia coach Bob Huggins and if the Mountaineers get in the league next season they may play three times in the regular season. "If he wants to do it, then I’ll do it,’’ said Martin of two league home-and-home games and then a return game in West Virginia from the previous contract. "I’m not sure two teams have played three times in a regular season before. But if we don’t then Huggs said maybe he’ll just give us the one [in Wichita without a return].