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Kansas State Vs. Alabama: Frank Martin To Coach Against Another Friend

Kansas State head coach Frank Martin was on the short end of a meeting with former K State basketball coach and boss/mentor Bob Huggins when West Virginia escaped a meeting in Topeka with an overtime win two weeks ago. Now he'll coach another "neutral site" game in Kansas City's Sprint Center against high school friend Anthony Grant, when the Wildcats host Alabama.

The pair have coach against each other before - K-State beat Alabama 87-74 in Mobile, Alabama in 2009. The two coaches climbed the ranks together, and share a similar defensive philosophy (both are agressive in points allowed, especially three-point defense, 35.6 and 36.6 percent allowed by Bama and the Wildcats, respectively). Martin spoke to the media about his friendship with Grant this week, including an injury suffered at the hands of Bama's coach:

"The last time I tore up my knee, it happened because he passed me the ball, something he never did ever in my life," Martin said, recalling a rec league game when both coaches lived in Miami.

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