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Kansas State Vs. Iowa State: Will Collin Klein Be Healthy Enough To Beat Cyclones?

Collin Klein has worked himself into the outer fringes of the Heisman conversation for this year and certain inclusion into the bigger discussion for next season. So it's no surprise that he's the focus of most of the attention leading up to today's game between the Kansas State Wildcats and the Iowa State Cyclones. Each team has much to play for today, but for KSU, it's a chance to rise to the top (or near the top) of the Big 12 depending on what happens in the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State match-up. It's also a chance for 10 wins and a magical season under Bill Snyder.

Yet David Ubben, ESPN's Big 12 blogger, writes that Klein is also watching his health go down as the season wears on. He writes, "Klein's probably taken more hits than anybody in the Big 12 this year. He's withstood them all, but practiced sparingly, if at all, late in the season. The off week gave him time to heal, and he's back practicing. Will that work carry over into the field, either as a more spry runner, or as a passer more in tune with his receivers?"

That's a great question for him to ask, but Snyder is a strong veteran coach who has shown just what he can do this season with a roster no one predicted would finish near the upper half of the Big 12. Klein should be just fine for today's game.