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Frank Martin Not Happy With The Curtis Kelly Questions

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Kansas State Wildcats head coach Frank Martin is acting like a guy who has lost three players on his team since last summer and on the verge of losing another one. 

In other words, a little wacky.

This week the Kansas City Star and Topeka Capital Journal reported this week that senior Curtis Kelly was under investigation for violating some sort of department policy. The Star connected the dots and suggested it was the drug and alcohol policy

When Martin was asked about it on Thursday, he confirmed Kelly would be playing on Saturday against Colorado. He also had a few extra words for the reporters in attendance when asked again about Kelly's status, according to the Associated Press report from the media session.

"Ask your source. Whoever reported it, ask their source. Don't ask me. If you ask me a question, I answer your question. For four years I've answered every question. I was asked two minutes ago if Curt was at practice. What did I answer? Then I was asked is he playing Saturday. What'd I answer? Yes. Right? So I thought I dealt with it. Now go ask the source that reported to you fine people whatever they said."

And more from the Topeka Capital-Journal:

"You guys are funny," Martin said. "You created the attention and you think that's affecting him or me? Absolutely not. He's been great in practice. Absolutely not. Does that mean he's going to play great? No. But you guys created the attention. Go back to your source. Ask your source what he thinks or she thinks about how the attention is affecting him."

Going by Martin's words, I have a few thoughts. Martin seems incapable of handling legitimate questions about one of his players that may or may not be in trouble. If Kelly weren't being investigated by the school for a possible violation of department policy, wouldn't Martin have made that very clear? Instead, according to published reports, he did not confirm nor deny those reports. He turned the attention back onto the reporters, instead of the (legitimate) questions, which, in my mind, is a classic way of avoiding a question you don't want to answer.

After hearing what Martin had to say. I feel more confident that something is going on with Kelly. By reacting the way he did, Kelly's coach did him no favors.