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Kansas State's Buzzer Beater Ruled No Good; Wildcats Lose To Colorado, 58-56

It had to be Kansas State that would lose in such disappointing fashion as this. Down two points in the closing seconds, Kansas State trailed Colorado, 58-56. The Wildcats' Rodney McGruder drilled a three-pointer in what appeared to be just in the nick of time to give K-State the win.

Unfortunately for K-State, replays showed the ball was still in McGruder's hands as the clock hit zero. His buzzer beater was actually a split second too late. That's the life of a Wildcat these days. 

K-State simply can't hit enough shots. I know that sounds silly but they shot 30 percent on Saturday while Colorado was over 40 percent. They can't hit free throws very well (under 60 percent on Saturday). Their best player, Jacob Pullen, hit just 4-of-12 shots. 

Colorado was a 1.5 point favorite heading into the game but they really needed this victory. It looks like Pullen's words about the NIT may be tested.

Kansas State moves to 16-9 on the season and 4-6 in the Big 12. Their upcoming schedule isn't too friendly, either. They'll host Kansas on Monday night, and later travel to Nebraska, host MIssouri and go down to Texas. Kansas State may not making the tournament.