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VIDEO: Kansas State Beats Kansas, Fans Rush The Court

What a feeling for Kansas State basketball fans. The Wildcats have upset the No. 1 Kansas Jayhawks, 84-68, in Manhattan. KU basketball was just ranked No. 1 in the country about eight hours before the game tipped off so the freshly minted No. 1 didn't even last 24 hours.

Kansas State simply played much, much better than Kansas, which is unusual for the Jayhawks. Usually when someone isn't playing well for KU, someone else steps up. That wasn't really the case against Kansas State as the Wildcats seemed to do whatever they wanted offensively. 

Kansas is the best offense in the country so it was a little odd to see them shooting 44 percent and K-State shooting 56 percent. If you didn't know anything about these teams heading into the game, you'd say K-State was the No. 1 offense in the country.

The real start of the night thought is Jacob Pullen. The senior guard had 38 points and was stunning at times hitting 5-of-6 three pointers. He had a whopping 15 points from the free throw line and seemed to be involved everywhere.

As the game winded down, the fans were on the sidelines with anticipation. Brent Musberger noted ahead of time that there was going to be fans rushing the court and as the closer his three seconds, and then two seconds, the fans burst onto the court and mobbed the players.

Incredible feeling for K-State fans.

Here's video of the fans rushing the court: