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Kansas State Vs. Oklahoma: What The Enemy Is Saying

Kansas State Wildcats basketball will host the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday and it's a game that is almost a must-win for Kansas State. I say that because after beating the Kansas Jayhawks last Monday, they need to keep the positive vibes going and turn this into a winning streak.

Kansas State is heavily favored over Oklahoma -- by as much as 14 points -- so they shouldn't have a problem. I repeat: shouldn't have a problem. Here's what Crimson and Cream Machine has to say about the 'Cats stats:

The main problem for the Wildcats has been shooting. They currently rank 10th in the Big 12 in shooting percentage at 42%. They're decent from three-point range and from the free throw line, shooting 36% and 71% from those two areas. Kansas State allows opponents to score an average of 69.5 points per game (5th in the Big 12) and shoot an average of 46% from the floor (9th in the Big 12). They excel in rebounding with a +3.6 margin for the season (3rd in the Big 12) so if your shots aren't falling there won't be many second chance points. 

As they say, the stats don't lie (unless you twist them around, then they're kind of lying). 

It's hard to see Kansas State dropping this game. I know, I know. This comes two days after I said nothing would surprise me about Kansas State basketball. That's true...sort of. A loss to Oklahoma would surprise me a little.