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Revisiting Jacob Pullen's NCAA Tournament, NIT Comments

Because we did a story this morning on the Kansas State Wildcats and their chance of making the NCAA tournament, I figured now would be a good time to revisit what Jacob Pullen had to say last month regarding March Madness. The senior guard said on January 12 if K-State didn't make the NCAA tournament, he wouldn't play in the NIT.

"This is my last go-around," Pullen said. "I'm not going to the NIT. I won't play basketball in the NIT. I'm saying that now. If we lose, and we have to go to the NIT, I will not play."

At the time, K-State had just dropped to 12-5 on the season with their second consecutive loss (to Colorado). It was almost unfathomable at the time that they wouldn't make the tournament (maybe for me at least). But then K-State continued to be inconsistent. 

They would win one, lose a couple more, add a few more wins, lose one. Inconsistency. And it started to turn real. Kansas State may not make the tournament.

My guess (emphasis on guess) is that Kansas State makes the tourney and we don't have to worry about this. But if they miss the NCAA tournament and have to hit the NIT? Then you won't have to remember this quote because it will be repeated daily leading up to the Wildcats game.