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Kansas State Upsets No. 7 Texas With 20 Points From Jacob Pullen

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Kansas State did. They seriously did it.

Frank Martin's Wildcats have gone into Texas and beat the No. 7 Longhorns. The final score: 75-70.

Incredible game for the unranked Wildcats who have now won five in a row and seven of their last eight, including wins over the top two teams in the conference in Kansas and Texas. Here are a few thoughts on this game:

-Frank Martin deserves credit in this one. I really liked K-State's approach on both offense and defense. They always had an answer for Texas, especially late in the game. They didn't turn it over and didn't let their own mistakes beat themselves. Great job by Martin having these guys ready to play.

-Jacob Pullen was pretty much non-existent in the first half but came back in the second half and, while his numbers weren't gaudy, he was clutch driving the lane when and getting a foul when his team needed it the most. Pullen finished with 20 points.

-Rodney McGruder is so underrated. Pullen gets the attention and McGruder just drills big shots. He had a pair of threes from the corner in the second half that ended up being big shots for K-State. McGruder had a nice game.

-The first time I thought K-State could really win came at the start of the second half. Down 33-31 after halftime, K-State came out and went on an 8-0 run. Curtis Kelly was a key component in that five minute run to start the half scoring a pair of points and getting aggressive with Texas' Tristan Thompson, who had 18 points at halftime.

-With 13 minutes left and Kansas State leading 45-39, Kelly exited the game with his third foul. I noted this because I wanted to see how K-State responded to that. Kelly was playing really well and I thought they may tumble after he left the game. Obviously, I was wrong. K-State survived. Immediately after Kelly left, Pullen scored five points in two possessions.

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