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Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles Takes In K-State Vs. Texas Basketball Game

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Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles spent Monday evening in Austin, Texas, watching his Longhorns host the Kansas State Wildcats on ESPN. Charles of course went to Texas and came out after the 2008 season becoming a third-round pick by the Chiefs.

So what did Charles see?

He saw a Kansas State team walk into Austin, control the game against Texas in the second half, and walk out with a 75-70 victory. Some might have said Jacob Pullen was the Jamaal Charles of his team keeping them within reach at all times.

Charles' Longhorns have now lost three of their last four games and their share of the Big 12 regular season lead. The way things are going in the NFL, Charles is going to have plenty of time to be watching Texas basketball.

The NFL labor situation has yet to be resolved which means Charles may have no reason to go back to Kansas City for a while. Normally, he'd be back there in March for the beginning of the offseason program but it's unclear what the players will do if there is a lockout.