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Jacob Pullen Has An Injury; Leaves Game And Quickly Returns

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Kansas State Wildcats guard Jacob Pullen went down with 5:55 remaining in the second half of Monday night's game against the Texas Longhorns.

Pullen cut through the lane and went up for a layup on the left hand side of the rim. As he was in the air, he released the ball, missed the shot, and fell on the ground. 

Though video cameras weren't completely clear, it appeared as if he hurt his right hand, or wrist. He appeared to be in pain but the play continued on (he missed the layup) and Texas scored a quick bucket. 

Trainers came out to check him out and after less than a minute he was walking back to the K-State bench. The game resumed and, before one play was even complete, Pullen was at the scorers table ready to return.

Once he did return, he was clearly in some pain as he grabbed his hand a few times.

Update: ESPN's Holly Rowe reports K-State is calling it a hand contusion at the moment but, according to her report, may have concern that it's worse. Sounds all speculative right now.