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Curtis Kelly Investigation: What Did Kansas State Forward Do Wrong?

By now you know Kansas State Wildcats forward Curtis Kelly is under investigation by the school for some sort of violation of department policy. K-State, citing privacy issues, aren't talking about the alleged violation. So no reports have anyone on the record but Kellis Robinett of the Kansas City Star goes through the student-athlete handbook and finds one violation that fits.

But a source indicated Kelly is a repeat offender of the condition in question and that it has cost him playing time already this season.

According to K-State's student-athlete handbook, only one violation would fit those parameters - a violation of the student-athlete drug and alcohol policy.

Austin Meek of the Topeka Capital Journal reported (I think he was first, but could be wrong) that the investigation could result in Kelly's dismissal from the team. As Robinett points out, that would suggest three violations of the student-athlete drug and alcohol policy.

A first violation and the student-athlete must tell their parents with the coach present and undergo counseling. We have no idea if this happened or not.

A second violation results in a suspension for 10 percent (three games) of the season. This is where it starts to match up. Kelly didn't play for three games early in the season and we never really figured out why. Head coach Frank Martin said he didn't like Kelly's practice habits but never expounded on it.

A third violation results in dismissal from the team and loss of financial aid. That's what reportedly may be happening now. Check out Robinett's report for more details on the situation.

Kelly has reportedly appealed the decision and if the appeal doesn't work, he'd become the third player to leave the Kansas State program this season.