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NCAA Tournament: Some Very Unlucky Team Will Face Kansas State

The Kansas State Wildcats stamped their ticket to the NCAA tournament over the last few days with victories over the Missouri Tigers and Texas Longhorns -- both top 25 teams (and, in the Longhorns case, top 10). So K-State will be making it in pretty much however their season goes from this point on.

Previous bracketology picks had the Wildcats sitting at a 10th seed or so. For simplicity's sake, let's say they're a 10 seed and they'll play a seven seed to start the tournament.

Can you imagine being that seven seed, and walking into a game against a team that, in the last month has beaten two top 10 teams, including one No. 1 team in the country, and rolled through a tough schedule to win potentially nine of their last 10 games (and I'm not even counting the conference tournament)?

Would you be intimidated if you were that seven seed? I sure would. The Wildcats we knew in the preseason, the ones we thought would be snagging a first or second seed in the tournament, seem to be back. They're playing like they were ranked No. 3 in the preseason polls, like they were the preseason pick in the Big 12, like Jacob Pullen was the preseason conference player of the player and a preseason All-American.

The Wildcats are playing their best basketball at the perfect time of year. I think credit for that goes to head coach Frank Martin. We'll see how long he and K-State can keep this up.