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K-State's Curtis Kelly On Guarding Texas' Tristan Thompson

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In the first half of Kansas State's upset over No. 7 Texas, I was getting a little worried for the Wildcats because the Longhorns' Tristan Thompson was dominating them early. In the first half, he had 18 points and eight boards playing very, very strong. I thought that might pose a problem for K-State.

Well, I didn't know K-State would continue their high level of play into the second half rendering Thompson's 26 points meaningless. 

Coming into the second half, ESPN's Holly Rowe reported K-State head coach Frank Martin said he wanted Kelly to be aggressive with Thompson. Kelly talked after the game and indicated that's what he was trying to do.

I tried to be aggressive.  I saw that they were aggressive and that they were trying to attack me on the offensive end.  I tried to go back on the defensive end and try to remain out of foul trouble.  In the second half it didn't go my way.  I think I tried to focus in on trying to play defense on Tristan Thompson.  I think I was successful more in the second half than the first.    

Eighteen points in the first half vs. eight points in the second half indicates he was successful. I noticed Kelly was keeping a close eye on Thompson, especially early in the second half. That was a good adjustment by Martin from the first to second half and part of the reason K-State was able to come out with a 75-70 victory.