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Kansas State's MVP In Win Over Texas Could Be Jacob Pullen, Curtis Kelly Or Rodney McGruder

Following games, I always like to pick my MVP of the game. Generally, that's a pretty easy thing to do after watching the game but, after Kansas State's 75-70 victory over Texas on Monday night, it's not so easy. K-State has several candidates for MVP of that game.

First, there's Jacob Pullen. Everyone knows about Pullen and the streak he's been on lately. He ended with 20 points on the night, second leading scorer for K-State, but it was his second half that had folks impressed. He ended the first half with just four points and, at least offensively, was a non-factor. In the second half, though, he put up 16 points and it seemed like every bucket he had came at a clutch time.

Second, there's Curtis Kelly, who had 15 points and eight boards in the game. He had a solid first half as Pullen struggled during that time so the timing was really perfect. In the second half, he was less effective offensively but that turned out okay because he was able to slow down Tristan Thompson, who had 18 first-half points.

Third, there's Rodney McGruder. He had the type of game where you don't realize how good he played until you looked at the box score and noticed he had 22 points and hit 4-of-6 3-pointers. McGruder had several clutch 3-pointers that kept the game slightly out of reach for Texas.

So who gets your MVP for the game?