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Big 12 Basketball Tournament Bracket: Kansas State Goes Down; Colorado Moves On To Kansas

Kansas State, fourth seed in the 2011 Big 12 tournament, went down in the quarterfinals to Colorado. The Buffs walk away with an 87-75 victory over K-State. Colorado moves on to face Kansas. Here are a few notes on the game:

-Cory Higgins and Alec Burks were your MVPs of the game. Burks had 16 points in the first half and ended with 24 points on the day while Higgins, stepping it up big-time in the second half, scored 28 points on the day. Huge performance from both those players.

-Kansas State lost to Colorado three times this year. Three times! K-State has won eight of their last 10 games. The two losses? Both to Colorado.

-Colorado's Cory Higgins was bringing the ball up with about a minute and a half left and at midcourt Pullen tried to strip him of the ball. As he did so, he wrapped his are around Higgins and the ball popped loose as Will Spradling grabbed the ball and took it down for two. K-State got a break there because it should have been a foul.

-Is Colorado NCAA tourney worth? Beating K-State three times and going to (at least) the semifinals of the conference tournament is impressive. I think they're in.

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