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Big 12 Tournament Bracket: Colorado Basketball Basking In Kansas State Victory

Colorado basketball fans are pretty happy right about now. The Buffs won their second consecutive Big 12 tournament game beating Kansas State on Thursday meaning they're moving onto a matchup against Kansas. Colorado slipped past Iowa State in round one and put up a terrific effort to beat K-State by 12 points.

SB Nation's Colorado blog, Ralphie Report, is pretty pumped about what's going on.

The Buffs were able to beat the Wildcats for the third time this season, in Kansas City of all places, to clinch a match-up with the Kansas Jayhawks and secure a spot in the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2003. Colorado's superstars, current and future, came up huge in the biggest win this program has had in a long, long time.

In one sense, Colorado's victory is good for the Big 12. With that win, they likely secure a spot in the NCAA tournament and, assuming K-State is also still in, that will be another conference team in March Madness.

One more time for the Colorado fans....

After all this athletic program and it's fans have had to go through so much trial and tribulation over the last few years and now is the time to sit back and bask in this win. Enjoy it everyone, cause the Jayhawks and the NCAA tourney are up next and there is no reason at all to stop this wonderful ride now.