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Colorado Basketball Leads All NCAA Tournament Snubs

The Colorado Buffaloes basketball team will NOT be in the 2011 NCAA tournament bracket. (FYI: Here is a printable NCAA bracket at They have to be the biggest snub of all the snubs in the NCAA tourney. 

The thinking was that the Colorado Buffs secured their spot in the NCAA bracket by advancing to the Big 12 tournament semifinals, where they lost to the Kansas Jayhawks.

Colorado has some major wins that state their case for the tournament including Texas and Kansas State. Oh, and by the way, they beat Kansas State a whopping three times. Yet they find themselves on the outside looking in.

The NCAA expanded the field of tournament teams this year and, as expected, there are still complaints about snubs. I'd say Colorado has a strong case that they were snubbed.

That said, if Colorado hadn't lost to teams like Nebraska or Oklahoma during the regular season they wouldn't be here. 

Colorado has Alec Burks, who was a candidate for the Big 12 player of the year and one of the conference's most prolific scorers. He would have been fun to watch in the tournament and that was part of the reason I thought they'd be getting in.

Tough break for Colorado. Check out Ralphie Report to see what CU fans are saying about it.