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NCAA Bracket 2011: No Colorado Basketball Is A Mistake

The Colorado Buffs were snubbed from the 2011 NCAA tournament bracket and, if you're a Buffs fan, you have to be upset right now. The vast majority of folks I talked and I read in the last couple of days figured Colorado was likely to get in.

They had just gotten to the semifinals of the Big 12 tournament and a win over Texas and a whopping three wins over Kansas State on their resume. And then...they're snubbed. SB Nation's Ralphie Report obviously disagrees with the decision to leave Colorado out.

The Buffs had a much better resume than many of the bubble teams that were inexplicably chosen to the tournament. Clemson, Michigan State, Michigan, UAB, VCU, USC the list goes on. The Buffs were shafted here, plain and simple. St. Mary's, Virginia Tech and Alabama were others that were disappointed when their names weren't called, but none had the wins that Colorado did.     

Agreed strongly. There will always be snubs but it's very hard to ignore Colorado's schedule and the wins they put up this year. They've clearly shown they can compete and, if given the opportunity, can be a force to be reckoned with.

Tough day for Buffs fans. They're the biggest snub in the tournament this year.