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Jacob Pullen Must Be Happy K-State Basketball Avoids NIT So He Can Still Play

If Kansas State basketball hadn't made the NCAA tournament, the career of Jacob Pullen would be over right now. Back in January, K-State was struggling big time and there their once potential-filled season was turning into an embarrassing disaster. 

Enter Jacob Pullen. K-State was 12-5 at the time and just coming off a loss to Colorado. Here's what he said about K-State's season:

"This is my last go-around," Pullen said. "I'm not going to the NIT. I won't play basketball in the NIT. I'm saying that now. If we lose, and we have to go to the NIT, I will not play."

There were lots of reactions to this and not many of them good with folks accusing Pullen of abandoning his teammates or quitting. In reality, though, he was pushing his team and failing to recognize K-State's failure. He focused on the NCAA tournament, avoided NIT talk and, well, it worked out for him.

Kansas State went on a run to finish the season securing a tourney spot. They're a fifth seed and will play Utah State in the first round.