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NCAA Tournament Bracket 2011: Utah State May Not Be Too Happy To See Kansas State

A few weeks ago I wrote that there's going to be some team out there that will be very upset to see the Kansas State basketball team in their bracket. I wrote that because, despite some of K-State's early season struggles, they were playing very well at the end of the season and may not be your typical fifth seed.

After the selection committee announced K-State would be pitted against Utah State, KSU guard Jacob Pullen said Utah State may not have been happy to see them.

"I don't think they were too happy to see us," said Pullen, Kansas State's senior point guard. "But at the same time, I don't think a lot of teams would be happy to see us in that tournament."

Utah State went 30-3 and had a nice RPI so they probably weren't expecting to see a team like K-State, especially as a 12 seed.

Kansas State is going to be a lot of fun to watch this week and possibly next (and beyond?). If they can play like they did to end the season, they can make a serious run in the tourney.

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