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Kansas State's Jacob Pullen Is Sick; Expected To Be Ready For Utah State

There could be a better time to get the flu.

According to various reports, Jacob Pullen missed Kansas State practice on Wednesday with flu-like symptoms. The other Wildcats got to practice but Pullen had been showing some symptoms of being sick entering Tuscon on Tuesday. So he didn't practice on Wednesday but by that evening he was starting to feel better and a fever was going down.

Whew. That would be, um, the worst possible thing for K-State. There's no one they need more than Pullen. On a Kansas City radio station this week, head coach Frank Martin said they could win without Pullen but clearly that's not something they want to test it out in the NCAA tournament.

The Wildcats will face Utah State on Thursday night. The game tips off at 8:57 p.m. (CT) and can be seen on truTV. For those of you with Time Warner in Kansas City, truTV is channel 47. If Kansas State wins this game, they'll face the winner of 4 Wisconsin vs. 13 Belmont. 

It's game day for KSU. I'm pretty pumped to see them play. What's interesting about them is that you have some people who say Utah State got the shaft and they'll upset KSU while others are picking KSU to make it to the Final Four. I'm not sure there's a team this year with more variety of picks than KSU.

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