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Bracketology: Missouri Gets An Eight Seed In Ohio State's Bracket

Bracketology is here as we prepare for the 2011 NCAA tournament (or March Madness, whatever you want to call it). The latest projections from SB Nation have the Missouri Tigers in the tournament as an eight seed.

They're in the East bracket playing Marquette in the first game and, potentially, Ohio State in the second game. This wouldn't be the best of situations for Mizzou as they may prefer to play anyone but a No. 1 seed in the second round.

Missouri may see their seeding fall a bit, though. They've now lost two games in a row -- Kansas State and Nebraska -- as they continue their miserable road record. The tourney folks probably don't like teams that are abysmal on the road, and that's been Mizzou in Big 12 play. If they were playing at home....well, Mizzou's perfect there, so that would help them. But, alas, Mizzou can't play all home games.

Missouri still has one more game to go against Kansas -- at home -- so a victory could help them out. Plus, if K-State loses, and they beat KU, they could get a first round bye in the Big 12 tournament. 

Mizzou can still make some noise at the Big 12 tournament but it's not a great ending to the season right now with two consecutive losses, and potentially a third.

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