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Bracketology 2011: Missouri, Kansas State In Same Bracket

SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean has come out with his latest edition of Bracketology and I found this prediction very interesting. It had the Missouri Tigers and Kansas State Wildcats in the same bracket. They're on the opposite sides of the bracket and could only meet in the final but how cool would it be to see an NCAA tournament match up between these two teams?

The prediction has Mizzou as a No. 9 seed playing Florida State which means the winner would likely play the top seed, which is Pittsburgh. Obviously no No. 1 seed is a good matchup but Mizzou can at least compete with a lot of these teams. If they could somehow upset Pittsburgh, they'd be playing one of four teams: No. 4 Wisconsin, No. 5 Connecticut, No. 12 Belmont or No. 13 Harvard.

They have Kansas State at the bottom of this bracket as a six seed and playing No. 11 Belmont in the first round. I don't think K-State suffers from the same "Killer B's" complex that Kansas does so I'd feel confident they can win that game. From there they would play the winner of No. 3 BYU and No. 14 Kent State. Florida would be the No. 2 seed on their side of the bracket.

So for these two teams to play it'd have to be an incredible run of upsets and they'd meet in the elite eight. We'll see how the rest of March Madness unfolds but I'm rooting for them to end up in the same bracket.