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Frank Martin Not On Miami's Basketball Head Coach Short List

Kansas State basketball can breathe a little easier. The Wildcats head coach, Frank Martin, is not on the short list of Miami basketball coaches, according to the Miami Herald. Apparently the interest in Martin came from fans and boosters because there's no indication the higher-ups will pursue him right now, the report says.

Some UM trustees have lobbied for Kansas State's Frank Martin and Alabama's Anthony Grant, both of whom have strong local ties, but there are no indications they have been interviewed.

When Martin was asked about possible Miami interest last week, he expressed his happiness in Manhattan but also said "never say never" slightly leaving the door open for a change. Martin is paid well at Kansas State and, since he was eligible for a contract extension, could have worked the situation into a raise for himself, a la Mizzou's coaching searches.

So right now, it doesn't appear Martin is going anywhere. Several reports have said the Miami job is a dream for Martin because he's from the area and would love to move back home but it doesn't look like that will be happening right now.

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