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Why Hasn't Miami Called Frank Martin?

For the last week Kansas State Wildcats head coach Frank Martin has noted a couple of times that the University of Miami hasn't called him regarding their vacant head coaching job.

First, he went on a national radio show and mentioned that, then Gary Parrish of had an anonymously sourced post indicating that Martin would be willing to go back to Miami and now Martin has talked with the Associated Press and made it clear he would at least listen.

But Miami hasn't called. So why in the heck hasn't Miami at least called? Jeff Goodman of is wondering the same:

Dan Parker Search Firm showing how clueless it is yet again. All it takes is one call to Frank Martin. Instead, Miami will remain mediocre.

I can't figure out why they wouldn't at least call. Maybe they feel they don't have a chance at Martin. Even if that's the case, he's made it clear some of his friends want him to return there and that, financially, he's not as expensive as the media has made it sounds.

At the very least, Miami should call.

Why haven't they done so yet?