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One Reason Frank Martin Hasn't Heard From Miami

We've been wondering recently a very simple question: Why wouldn't the University of Miami at least call Frank Martin? The Kansas State Wildcats head coach has made it clear he'll listen, that the money may not be that much and that he has friends who want him to return home to Miami.

So why wouldn't Miami at the very minimum call Martin? Curtis Kitchen of 810 WHB, writing on, has one idea:

During the game, sources say, several important people associated with Miami took in the contest a few rows behind the K-State bench, sitting within earshot of Martin, who has demonstrated, at times, the vocal ability to make an entire naval battalion blush. Martin did his normal thing that night, and it left a lasting impression with those in attendance - enough that when coupled with Martin's gray high school coaching past in Miami, they feel now he isn't worth pursuing despite the larger fanbase's desire for them to do so.

If this is the case, then it's a bad reason for Miami to avoid him. Of all places, The U should know most fans don't care about anything but winning. You win, you act like you want. You lose, you're not coming back.

So again, why not call?