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Frank Martin On Miami Job: 'No One Has Called Me'

Kansas State head coach Frank Martin says he's content in Manhattan despite rumors connecting him to job openings at UNLV and Miami. Missouri hired Frank Haith from Miami this week and Martin, previously working in South Florida, was a logical name to pop up as a replacement.

Alas, Martin said on Tim Brando's show this week that no one has called him. [Editor's note: An important distinction is that any interest would likely start with a call to his agent, not him).

"But, I haven't talked to anybody. In this business, it's hard to ever sit back and say 'never say never,' because then you get called a liar. I have a tough time lying. It's not what I do. But I'm extremely happy. I'm not going to tell you there's never going to be change, but I'm at peace where I'm at right now." 

So the door is left slightly open but Martin sounds happy at K-State. Things could obviously change if Miami came calling with an attractive offer but there are also a lot of downsides to that job. Over 80 percent of KSU fans at SB Nation's Bring On The Cats feel he will stay at K-State. 

It's also possible that if Miami shows interest in Martin, he can use that as a heads up to K-State for a bit of a raise, as he's eligible for a contract extension.

(H/TAustin Meek at Topeka Capital Journal)